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Shingle Roofing Service Near Albuquerque NM : Are you looking for the Best Shingle Roofing Service near Albuquerque NM ? Albuquerque Roofing Company, Our technicians are certified, trained. We have competent and professionally trained installers that can install your shingles quickly and accurately and that is why we are the number one choice for roofing shingles. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Shingle Roofing Service around Albuquerque NM. We serve Albuquerque NM and other areas.

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Shingle Roofing Service Near Albuquerque NM : Roofing shingles are a traditional roof type that can be found on the majority of Albuquerque NM homes. They offer a classic look that enhances any design as well. The biggest appeal to roofing shingles, however, is their affordability. Shingles are very light and inexpensive to produce, so they are typically affordable for purchase and easy to install. If you are looking for a quality and affordable roofing type, Albuquerque Roofing Company has the best shingles you’ll find.

We only work with the finest manufacturers, so our selection of roofing shingles is vast and of superior stock. We offer traditional 3-tab asphalt shingles, architectural shingles and even specialty shingles. We also offer the more elegant shingles. We have competent and professionally trained installers that can install your shingles quickly and accurately and that is why we are the number one choice in Albuquerque NM for roofing shingles.

Features Of Roofing Shingles

Shingle Roofing Service Near Albuquerque NM : Affordability ranks up there with the top most attractive features for roofing shingles, however there are many other benefits that a homeowner can enjoy. For starters, they are easy to repair. A shingle roof is covered with either asphalt or wood shingles, and when damage occurs, it will likely affect any number of them. However, singular shingles are very light and simple to replace, making repairs a quick and inexpensive process.

Due to advancements in technology, there are many shingle options available today as well. Architectural asphalt shingles, for example, come in a variety of shapes and colors. These slight variations in the shingles provide depth and aesthetic beauty. Consequently, they are also sturdier than traditional 3-tab shingles. There are also specialty asphalt shingles available that meet a specific need. For example, solar shingles are made with material in the asphalt that reflects UV rays, making the roof more energy efficient.

Classic shingles are also a beautiful option. Real wood provides your home with a rich, authentic look that is hard to imitate. No matter what shingle type you are looking for, Albuquerque Roofing Company has what you need. We offer all shingle types as well as prompt and thorough installation. Call us for all of your roofing shingle needs.

What is Shingle Roofing?

Roof Shingles are basically a roof which is covering the overlapping elements and these elements may be found typically in rectangular shapes and flat laid in the courses from the bottom edge of the roof up overlapping the joints below. Shingles are made of various materials including slate, flagstone, wood, metal, plastic, and cement. Roof shingles are very common roofing materials in Albuquerque NM, but it deteriorates very fast and needs to repel more water than wall shingles.

Roof shingles are highly visible and considered to be the important aspect of a building’s aesthetics in textures, colors, and patterns. so, extreme attention is required with meticulous efforts while installing or repairing it, which our shingle roofing contractor keeps in the mind throughout the period until the project’s accomplishment.

Roof shingles like other building materials found on vernacular buildings are typically of materials that are locally available. These shingles are taken into account before the construction because the materials affect the construction method and roof pitch. Many shingle installations benefit from being placed on the top of underlayment materials to prevent leaks from snow, ice dams, and wind-driven rain in cold climates.

Key Benefits of Shingle Roofing

Shingle Roofing Service Near Albuquerque NM : Shingle roofing has numerous benefits. Apart from being economical and easier to install methods, it is eco-friendly also, which is a big deal in cities like NM having a population in the millions. Shingles are subject to recycling which reduces the impact that they have on the environment. Shingles don’t degrade unlike plastic when it is recycled multiple times. It is perfect for both residential and commercial properties as it carries the potential of outstanding resistance to extreme weather conditions such as rain, hail, snow, and scorching heat during summers. Our roofing company Jamaica queens  are well versed with the comprehensive and profound knowledge of shingle roofing and know the appropriate way of benefiting their clients using the right materials to keep the shingle roofing sustainability for long.

We with the assistance of our skillful and creative team make sure that customers get all the benefits that make the shingle roofing so demanding in the market. This product offers numerous benefits which compel the customer to go for this service and the benefits of its being

  • It is Very durable
  • Available everywhere in a wide variety of colors and styles
  • Ensures the availability of Strong product warranties
  • Economical in the short term

Professional Roofing Solutions

A great roof is one of the most important elements when it comes to your residential or commercial property. At Albuquerque Roofing Company, we provide high-quality shingle services in Albuquerque NM and the surrounding areas.

Our expert roofers have over 20 years of experience installing and repairing all types of shingle roofs, including:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Shake shingles
  • Slate shingles
  • Concrete shingles
  • Aluminum coating shingles
  • Wood shingles
  • Metal shingles
  • Copper shingles

The Advantages of Shingle Roofs

Approximately 80% of homes in America have shingle roofs. What makes shingles such a popular choice? First, shingles are one of the most affordable roofing materials available. Not only that, they have excellent durability and can last up to 20 years.

Another reason they are common is because of the ease of installation. Shingles can be installed on just about any type of roof and do not require any special accessories. There is also a wide range of options to choose from. With so many different styles and colors available, you really can find a roofing solution that is perfect for you.

Finally, shingles are known for increasing a property’s safety due to being fire-resistant. This can give families the additional time they need to escape their home in the event of a fire.

Roofing Shingles

All About Asphalt Shingles

Shingle Roofing Service Near Albuquerque NM :Shingles are one of the widely used, and thus, most manufactured material in the roofing industry.

Its popularity is primarily due to the affordability and flexibility of style and color choices.

While wood and slate shingles offer a rather unique look to buildings, asphalt shingles take the crown of being the most practical choice.

Let’s learn a bit more about asphalt shingles to see why these are favored by property owners.

Asphalt shingles – What’s in a name?

These shingles are so called because they are made primarily of asphalt.

Asphalt itself is a petroleum product which may be extracted from natural deposits or refined in industry. It is responsible for the strength and durability of asphalt shingles.

In addition to asphalt, there are other materials present in the overall composition too. This can either be organic materials or fiberglass. Most companies have stopped manufacturing organic shingles as fiberglass ones provide greater strength and affordability.

Reasons to choose asphalt shingles

Shingle Roofing Service Near Albuquerque NM : Asphalt shingles are available in multiple styles, colors and sizes, making them the material of choice for several roofing projects. Here are a few other benefits:

Economical option for all roofs: Asphalt shingles are one of the most economical choices among all roofing options. While these are mostly used by homeowners, many commercial property owners also favor this material due to low project costs.

Durable and long-lasting: Even though these are more affordable than other roofing materials, asphalt shingle roofs often have a lifespan of 20 to 50 years. This durability attracts homeowners who look for cost-effective roofing options. Asphalt shingles are also resistant to several weather conditions, providing a roof that lasts longer.

Easy to install: Asphalt shingles do not require use of special equipment, multiple fasteners, or other such materials. Even for steep-sloped roofs that most residential buildings sport, the installation process is rather easy. This enables roofing contractors to get the job done quickly and impacts labor costs as well.

Eco-friendly: If you’re wondering about what happens after these shingles are removed, there’s no need to worry. These shingles are recycled into other materials, most importantly as asphalt pavements.

These are not dumped as waste which can become an environmental hazard.

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At Albuquerque Roofing Company we specialize in a variety of ample roofing services including shingle roofing installation and reroofing. We always take extra initiatives to make the roofing installation excellent with innovative and advanced techniques. There is no job or project that doesn’t come under our scope, we are immensely proud of the fact that we are adept at roofing installation and correcting leaks. Do speak to our general contractor Albuquerque NM for comprehensive details about the projects and get your job done by our team smoothly. Our authentication towards work is evident from our adherence to laws of roofing while keeping appropriately these aspects in mind we offer the best solution to clients with regard to shingle roofing issues as our team is well versed with the latest colors, sizes, materials types and other different categories of shingle roofs.

Tips for Installing Roofing Shingles

Work Left to Right, Bottom to Top

Have a glance at any professional roofing crew in action, and you’ll notice the same pattern is always used. Begin at the bottom left corner of a roof surface and work toward the right and upward from the eave line to the peak. Where several workers are installing shingles, one usually begins by installing shingles along the eave overhang, while others begin filling in the field, working from bottom to top.

  • Carefully Flash the Valleys and Seams
  • Complete One Shingle Bundle Before Moving to the Next
  • Check the Deck
  • Use Full Tabs at Valleys or Rake Edges
  • Attach Ridge Cap Shingles Correctly
  • Use Proper Nails
  • Use Proper Nailing Technique
  • Store Shingles Properly
  • High Wind Considerations
  • Be Cautious With Double Layers of Roofing
  • Use Ice and Water Membrane Where Appropriate


How Much Are Shingle Prices & Average Shingle Roofing Costs?

Typical Range:

$3,600 – $120,000


Shingle Roof Cost

Shingle Roofing Service Near Albuquerque NM :The average price range to shingle a 3,000 square foot shake roof is between $5,000 and $12,000. Low cost for installation is around $3,600, and high cost is about $120,000. For a single square of roofing (100 square feet), the average price is $170 to $400.

The average cost to install a shingle roof is $8,500 or $3,600 to $120,000.

A shingle is a piece of a roof cover. Shingles are installed in an overlapping fashion to provide complete protection for the plywood, vapor barrier and other materials beneath. This type of roofing is a traditional building material that has been used on residences for hundreds of years. This material is popular because it is effective, attractive and, to some extent, can be repaired in pieces without replacing an entire roof.


Shingle Roof Estimator

  • Average Cost $8,500
  • High Cost $120,000
  • Low Cost $3,600


Average Price of Shingles


Type Per Square* Per Bundle**

Asphalt/Composition $100 – $150 $30 – $50

Metal $300 – $1,800 $100 – $600

3D/Dimensional $480 $160

Cedar/Wood $480 $160

Clay Tile $800 – $1,800 $270 – $600

Natural Slate $800 – $1,800 $270 – $600

Solar $2,200 n/a


Asphalt/Composition Architectural


Asphalt architectural shingles cost between $100 and $150 per square, $30 to $50 per bundle.

Asphalt is commonly referred to as composition. Architectural styles have a slightly more sculpted appearance and feature an extra layer of lamination that creates a contoured look. Architectural shingles are slightly more durable but may not be appropriate for shallow roofs because wind cannot flow through them as easily as 3 tab roofs. Asphalt lasts between 15 and 30 years, depending on the climate, material quality and other factors.


Asphalt/Composition 3 Tab


Asphalt composition 3 tab shingles cost around $100 per square; $30 per bundle.

Asphalt three tabs are very popular because of their low cost. These shingles feature three separate cut outs on the bottom half. When layered on top of one another, these three tabs create the appearance of being three separate pieces.




Three-dimensional asphalt shingles cost an average of $480 per square, $160 per bundle.

3D or dimensional roofing is made from asphalt and fiberglass, like standard composition types. These shingles have a highly sculpted shape, similar to wood shakes, which sets them apart from standard 3 tab and architectural. Dimensional asphalt was developed in the 1970s in response to homeowner demand for a product that looked like high-end wood but performed like asphalt.


Cedar/Wood Shake Shingles


Cedar wood shake shingles are priced at about $480 per square, $160 per bundle.

This traditional material boasts rustic beauty and a long service life. Shingles made of white cedar and eastern white cedar are both popular. However, wood burns easily and must be maintained to avoid rot. Over time, shingles can develop cracks, grow algae. Eventually, unmaintained roofs will deteriorate and develop leaks. To prevent this from happening, moss and algae must be cleaned off periodically, and wood preservative must be applied every two to five years depending on the type and brand of preservative.




Metal roofing costs more up front but it will last three or four times longer than an asphalt roof, is recyclable at the end of its useful life, can increase the value of your home, and offers protection against storms and hail.

Metal roofing shingles cost around $300 per square, $100 per bundle, but can run as high as $1,800 a square for high-end metals or complicated rooflines. Stone-coated steel starts at about $350 per square. This material is highly durable. Unusual metals like copper make for beautiful (albeit expensive) roofs. Some homeowners complain that metal is louder than some other types, but with extra insulation noise can be dampened. Metal comes in a variety of colors. Paint on metal may wear over time, but homeowners who repaint their roof can get additional life out of their old shingles. It’s important to work with a contractor who has experience with residential projects, as there can be a big difference between residential and agricultural metal types.


Clay Tiles


Clay roof shingles are priced between $600 and $800 per square, $200 to $270 per bundle.

Clay is highly durable, fire-resistant and attractive. This type of building material weighs between 600 and 900 pounds per square (versus 250 pounds for asphalt roofs). Installation may require structural reinforcement for homes that haven’t previously supported such a heavy material.




A slate roof costs between $800 and $1600 per square or $270 to $540 per bundle.

High quality, well-maintained slate can last for hundreds of years and has a distinctive, natural beauty. The coloring and durability of the slate is partly determined by the quality of the original stone.

Slate is very heavy, like clay, and cannot be installed on a home that has not been built or reinforced to support its weight. Slate is also relatively easy to repair one tile at a time. If you keep up with maintenance, you can extend the service life of the roof.




Want to power your house with renewable energy? A solar shingle roof costs $2,200 per square, or $730 per bundle. This technology resembles standard roofing material but performs like solar panels, generating power from the sun. This technology can be integrated into a roof that features standard asphalt shingles, so there is a mixture of both types on one surface. Since solar shingles became commercially available in 2005, the technology has greatly improved and become more widely available. The cost has dropped as well and will continue to become more cost-effective as more manufacturers roll out new solar roofing options.


Roof Shingles Calculator


Shingle Roofing Service Near Albuquerque NM : Now that you’re aware of the price differences between shingle materials, you will need to determine the number of squares to purchase for your roof. To do this, measure the total square footage of your roof, and it’s pitch. To learn about measuring pitch and calculating the amount of shingles needed, use our Roof Shingle Estimator.


Calculating Prices Per Brand


There are a variety of shingle brands. Many of them can be purchased at your local home improvement centers, hardware stores or roofing supply companies.


Average Cost of Shingle By Brand


Brand Per Square Per Bundle


Tamko $60 – $200 $20 – $70

Landmark by CertainTeed $80 – $150 $30 – $50

Owens Corning $80 – $120 $30 – $40

Timberline by GAF $80 – $120 $30 – $40

Ever guard by GAF (flat roofs) $90 – $120 $30 – $40

EDCO Steel Roof $400 – $500 $135 – $170


New Shingle Roof Installation Costs


Labor charges for installation can range between $30 and $80 per hour. Prices can vary depending on the level of the roofer’s experience, area where the roof is being installed, its pitch, type of material, and quality of workmanship.


Can you just cover-over my existing shingles instead of tearing them off?


Sometimes we can, depending on your roof and what’s up there. Most re-roofs should be evaluated on a case by case basis. Generally speaking, tearing off existing materials, inspecting the decking (as well as the general integrity of your roof structure) and then installing your new roof will guarantee optimum long-term performance.


How do I know what type of roofing shingle is best for my roof and my budget?


  1. A) The first thing to consider when evaluating the cost of your roofing project is to determine whether you will need a complete roof replacement OR a re-cover of your roof. The former is a far larger roof project and thus more expensive, while the letter is a smaller project and therefore less expensive.


  1. B) The next question to consider is what material you will use. Roofing materials range in aesthetic appeal, durability and cost. Shingles, for example, are an inexpensive roofing solution, while high-end slate will cost a pretty penny. Do your research on what fits your aesthetic appeal (you’re going to be living with this roof for a long time) and then determine if it is within your budget range. (Here’s a resource to get you started).


  1. C) Finally, you’ll want to consider your house’s architectural style. The more valleys, angles and hard-to-get spots you have, the more your roof project will cost.


Why are homes topped with asphalt shingles? How many?


Asphalt shingles are the leading choice for residential roofing in the United States. Asphalt shingles provide quality, durability and versatility and offer consumers the broadest array of colors shapes and textures. With an enormous range of styles, asphalt shingles can match almost every type of architectural design. Over 12.5 billion square feet of asphalt shingle products are manufactured annually – enough to cover more than 5 million homes every year. Four out of five homes are roofed with asphalt shingles.


How are asphalt shingles made?


Asphalt shingles are categorized as either organic-based or fiberglass-based. Organic-based asphalt shingles are manufactured with a base (also termed mat or substrate) made of various cellulose fibers, such as recycled waste paper and wood fibers. This organic base is then saturated with a specially formulated asphalt coating and surfaced with weather resistant mineral granules. Fiberglass-based asphalt shingles are manufactured with mat composed entirely of glass fibers of varying lengths and orientations. This fiberglass base is then surfaced with a specially-formulated asphalt coating, followed by weather-resistant mineral granules.



What are the different types of asphalt shingles?


Laminated Shingles these special shingles contain more than one layer of tabs to create extra thickness. They are also referred to as three-dimensional or architectural shingles because they create visual depth on a roof and impart a custom look. Laminated shingles continue to be a favorite among builders, roofing contractors and home buyers.

Interlocking Shingles as the name suggests, interlocking asphalt shingles are individual shingles that mechanically fasten to each other, and are used to provide greater wind resistance. They come in various shapes and sizes providing a wide range of design possibilities.


Strip Shingles These asphalt shingles are approximately three times as long as they are wide. Manufactured in both standard and metric dimensions, strip shingles are distinguished by the number of cutouts or tabs that they have. The most common type of strip shingle is the “three-tab” shingle. Different textural and lighting/shadowing effects can be achieved with strip shingles depending on the number, shape and alignment of the cutouts.


Large Format Shingles generally rectangular or hexagonal in shape, these shingles do not utilize cutouts or tabs.


What are some of the benefits of asphalt shingles?


  • Product Performance.Asphalt shingles perform well in extreme temperatures and in areas where wind, water, and ice are prevalent.
  • The efficient, high-volume production and relatively low application cost of asphalt shingles provide consumers with an overall value that’s tough for other roofing materials to match, especially in terms of comparable life expectancy.
  • Low Maintenance.Asphalt shingles, when properly chosen and applied, require little or no regular upkeep, and are easily repaired if damaged.
  • Ease of Application.Asphalt shingles are considered to be the easiest of all standard roofing materials to apply. In addition, the flexibility and strength of asphalt shingles supports their application on a wide variety of roof designs.
  • Fire and Wind Resistance. Asphalt shingles are manufactured to resist external fire and flammability standards, and carry Class A, B or C fire ratings, with Class A providing the greatest fire resistance. These fire ratings are defined by nationally recognized standards and tested by independent testing agencies. In addition, many asphalt shingles carrying a wind resistance label indicate that they have been manufactured and tested to demonstrate acceptable resistance in high-wind locations.


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